Books about England
The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain

I've come across a number of England guide books (and holiday companies) that really irritate me.

Their crime?

They suggest that the spirit of England and her long and varied history can be experienced in three days by visiting Stonehenge, Warwick Castle, the Cotswolds and the Tower of London. If this were really the case, then England wouldn't have so many loyal fans all around the world, people who visit again and again to explore another small piece of this beautiful island.

Fortunately, this book full of suggestions for things to see goes a long way in making up for that bunch of irritating books about England. The title is a bit of a mouthful, but the content more than lives up to it.

The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain boasts some stunning photography. If you wanted to introduce someone to the spectacular landscapes and architecture you can find here, then this would already be a good choice.

But what I like best, is the selection of amazing places that you can find in this book. Of course, all the famous and not so famous favourites are here ... and so they should be, but this book really shines when it seeks out the lesser known, the unusual or the jaw-droppingly unexpected.

Did you know that St Leonard's Church in Hythe is home to over 2000 human skulls? Or that there's a Soviet submarine parked in Folkstone harbour? That about 3000 people had to leave their homes so the allies could train for the D-Day landings in Slapton Sands? You do now.

And don't forget to check out the crypt of Winchester Cathedral...