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Cool Camping: England

Despite the reputation of the English weather, many people in England like to spend their holidays under canvas.

And so do many of England's foreign visitors.

Campsites along the coast book out early in the season and inland sites are equally popular.

But, as every camper knows, not all campsites were created equal. And an unsuitable site can spoil your fun more thoroughly than the foulest weather. So how is one to choose?

Usually, by consulting a camping guide .. but these were not created equal either.

Well, amongst all my books about England, this camping book has pride of place. Cool Camping: England covers 70 of England's coolest campsites, providing in-depth reviews and stunning photos to help you plan the best camping trip ever.

The publishers say that new entries in the revised edition include "a quirky sea-view site at Lizard Point, a retro-kitsch caravan park in Yorkshire and a Dorset farm with castle views."

What I like about the guide is the way it's categorised. Not like the usual 'tents' and 'caravans' and 'families with children' sections.... In this guide you'll find campsites billed as 'Romantic Retreats' or 'Cool for Campfires', which is something I associate more with our trip to Canada than camping holidays in England.

The entries are exceptionally detailed and include the important things like 'the closest decent pub' and 'what to do when it rains.'

The writers have clearly spent many camping trips in England. And considering this, it would be a shame if you didn't take advantage of all their hard work to make your England camping holiday the best ever.