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There's so much wonderful England fiction, that this could be a website by itself. And even though I would like to believe I'm fairly widely read, I don't think that my knowledge of books about England quite stretches to that!

So I'll concentrate instead on some real classics. I'll also feature books that I especially like - usually those that deal with my favourite periods in history, or books that have a very distinctive, English atmosphere.

And - of course - this section of the site will showcase all of your favourites! I always love to find a new author or story that catches my imagination. So, please, share your discoveries. I'm really looking forward to learning about some stunning new books....

Edward Rutherford's Amazing London Novel

Books about England: London by Edward Rutherford

Edward Rutherford introduces you to places through family histories, really bringing the towns he writes about to life. He's done Old Sarum (now Salisbury in England), Dublin, Russia and even New York.

Australian Essentially England reader Doreen Stone suggested we take another look at his story of London.

Bernard Cornwell's Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

Books about England: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell Adam Smith from Illinois introduced me to these books and they're a real fun read if Vikings vs. Saxons is on your list of favourites.

Starting in Northumberland's famous castle of Bamburgh, this story meanders about Saxon England like few others I've read before. And it's beautifully imagined. Be careful though, if you're an aficionado of the cake-burnign King Alfred ... he doesn't come across like the person you think you learned about in history class.

Daphne du Maurier's Frenchman's Creek

Books about England: Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier

In a very different vein, this is romance at its most evocative. Does it have anything to do with being set in mysterious Cornwall? Definitely!

Follow the love story of bored society beauty Dona St Culomb, as she meets and falls for dashing French pirate Jean-Benoit Aubery. And if you've ever watched Tara Fitzgerald and Anthony Delon in the 1998 adaptaion, you'll know exactly what I mean!

Sharon Penman's Here Be Dragons

Books about England: Here Be Dragons by Sharon Penman

I love Sharon Penman's books, despite some claims that they're a little overly romantisised.

Here Be Dragons is one of a series of books about early medieval England. Here Sharon Penman details the fights between an English king - John - and a Welsh prince - Llewellyn ap Iorwerth. If you're after colour and flavour and intrigue while sticking to historical facts then Sharon Penman is a safe bet.

Karl Woodbury's England is Truly a Magical Place

Books about England: England is Truly a Magical Place by Karl Woodbury Here's one of a few books about England that seamlessly blend fiction, history and geography - with a healthy bit of magic, poetry and quirkiness thrown in.

Mischievious twins Jenny and Lenny love stories at bedtime - especially when they send them off on a magical journey across England's counties, exploring places, events and the deeds of famous people. And with an audiobook included alongside, this book is a little gem for curious children and adults alike.

So, here's my initial list of fictional books about England. I'm sure over time there will be plenty more, so please keep checking back here. We all love a good story....