Books about England
The Rough Guide to England

If you travel, then the Rough Guides series of books doesn't need much in the way of introduction. Detailed, well-researched and frequently updated, Rough Guides are simply an essential item when planning a trip to a foreign country.

But - and for me this is the acid test of a good guide book - they're just as informative and helpful to the locals.

This Rough Guide to England is no exception.

Whether you plan your first visit to our beautiful country and want to make up an itinerary, or you live here and want to explore some distance from your doorstep, you'll find this book helpful.

As usual, the Rough Guide to England introduces you to the history, literature, politics and culture of the country - as well as covering travel basics - but then it goes on to do much more.

Check out England's most spectacular landscapes and famous historical sites, read up about things to do in England, find out where to go and where to be seen.

There's a section on outdoor activities, information about music and nightlife and - of course - endless details about where to stay, where (and what) to eat and the best places to shop (and what to bring back!)

As books about England go, this one earns its place on your bookshelf, even if you have lived in England all your life. And if you're planning a trip, you should definitely check it out.