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I tend to buy guide books sometimes years before I take the actual trip, often prompted by some traveller's tale, a TV programme or something I've read. Some guide books introduce you to the flavour of a place, others give you the nitty-gritty about travelling around it, others still share their author's memories.

When a novel or a film has made you curious about a country, a guide book is a good place to start finding out what it might really be like. Along with the travel basics - which you may not need until you actually get there - you tend to get background history, customs and the many little snippets of the vital, the curious and the astonishing that make travelling such fun.

So here are reviews of a few essential books about England travel for your upcoming trip - from no-nonsense guides to a few slightly quirkier travel books.

The Rough Guide to England

Books about England Travel - The Rough Guide

Just as you wouldn't leave on your travels without a toothbrush, rough guides are pretty much an essential travel item for me. They're in the nitty-gritty category, well researched and constantly updated.

I have a selection of them - and not just for places I've been to. This England one is actually just as useful for anyone living here as it is for a visitor.

The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain

Books about England Travel: The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain

I was given this as a birthday present, and it really lives up to its name. The photography is wonderful and it covers much, much more than just the expected sites.

This is a book you'll enjoy for a long time whether you're planning to visit England or live here already.

Cool Camping: England

Books about England Travel: Cool Camping

One of the coolest books about England travel. It's tightly niched, extremely well researched and full of useful bits of information. Again, it's just as informative for us locals as it is for camping-loving England visitors. And as far as travel guides go, this is a very good thing.

So if you like holidays under canvas, but want to experience some true "out of the way" magic, then check out this very cool book.

Britain from the Rails: A Windowgazer's Guide

Books about England Travel: Britain from the Rails

Is there some romance left in the modern world? I think so, and so does Benedict le Vay, the author of this marvellous book.

It may sound a little anoracky at first glance, but it's actually not just a travel guide, but also an interesting journey into England's industrial past...

Eccentric Britain

Books about England Travel: Eccentric Britain

Do you like to explore unusual buildings and experience quirky customs? Would you like to know why the English are regarded as eccentric?

Either question will be answered by Benedict Le Vay in this book... along with many many others it wouldn't have occurred to you to ask.

England is Truly a Magical Place

Books about England Travel: England is Truly a Magical Place

If you equate travel with exploration, then England is Truly a Magical Place definitely earns its place on this list of books about England travel.

It's a cross between a magical childrens story, a history miscellany and a leisurely, informed meander through England's counties. Suitable for curious children and adults alike, you can follow where this book leads you, whether it's with a finger on the map or on a great day out.

Books about England travel are plentiful, but the good ones are little explorations in themselves. Journeys that don't need timetables or passports, that whisk you off into a different world all for the turning of a page. I hope that some of the books listed here do the trick for you.

And if you've found a book about England that sent you on a journey as soon as you opened it, then please please share it with all of us.