? Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

I really wasn't sure if I should keep writing about Cadbury chocolate on a site dedicated to all things English, but while many people - especially the ones who worked for Cadbury - are understandably disappointed at the way things have gone, the company's roots and history are still firmly tied to England. And even though it is no longer made in England, Cadbury chocolate is still a firm favourite in English homes and many visitors to our country love it, too!

You give Cadbury's Roses to say thank you, or bring a tin of Quality Street to cheer up a party. And Christmas in England certainly wouldn't be complete without Cadbury Chocolate. There'll be tins of it dotted around the office during the run-up to Christmas. There will be boxes of it under the Christmas tree. It's all about generosity and indulgence ... and there are a couple of very old-fashioned sweets and games that will take some of us back a few years...

So despite everything, I've decided to share some of the well-known and well-loved of Cadbury's wide range of sweets and chocolates, along with some of the new - and I hope that they'll turn into Cadbury Chocolate Christmas gifts that will add to your enjoyment of the season:

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

Did I mention that Christmas was all about generosity?

Well, you can't get more generous than this Essential Christmas Collection

This has to be Cadbury's biggest celebration hamper ever and pure heaven for chocoholics!

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

What else could you possibly keep in your handbag than a fine selection of Heroes & Roses? They are Cadbury's favourite assortment of individually wrapped milk chocolates - and simply everyone loves them.

And if you're not the handbag type? Don't worry. Cadbury's has that one covered, too. Heroes & Roses comes in its very own handbag. A stylish box filled with all things sweet and wonderful, this selection is bound to be a great chocolate gift - and not just for mums and grandmas.

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

Last year we had a beautifully old-fashioned steam train jigsaw, this year it's aStreet Scene from Yesteryear. But it's still something for the whole family to enjoy should the weather not be playing.

Assembling 1000 pieces into a picture while munching Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Just don't run out of chocolate...

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

You probably know by now that I love traditional cake and biscuit tins. Not only are they pretty, they're endlessly useful around the house, too.

This Limited Edition Cadbury Christmas Tin is choc-full of all our favourite choccy biscuits. Yay! Gorge yourself on Crunchy Delight, Chocolate Charm and Raspberry Rapture. Enjoy Praline Flavour Cream Cup, Simply Shortcake and Orange Crunch. And revel in Ginger Flavour Crunch, Cadbury Classic, Golden Dream and Cadbury Chunk.

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

I'm sure you know what it feels like. Sometimes, only a serious girls night in will do. The kind where chocolate in all its incarnations is an essential part of the evening.

This Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Gift Set feeds that chocolate craving and supplies the mugs and chocolate sprinkles - all in one go.

Now the only thing missing is George Clooney - or Johnny Depp!

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gift

Sometimes life gets so crazy, the only thing left is to simply go ape!

Now you can go ape the smart way with this Cadbury Gorilla Gift. A soft toy to cuddle and chocolate to make the world feel right again - whoever thought of a better solution to life's problems?

BTW, this makes a great gift to cheer up a friend, too!

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gift

Because the lady loves...?

Milk Tray and Flowers will never get old. Maybe not as a major Christmas gift, but as a little thank-you, a hello or a just because this combination is hard to beat.

Chocs and flowers say that you care. And you can always say the important things in person later!

Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gift

It is hard to imagine (and I've never yet met one), but there ARE supposedly people who don't eat chocolate!

Still, it would be rather unfriendly of us to leave them out in the cold come Christmas. So this AllSorts Box complete with Bertie Basset figure is there to cheer them up come Christmas morning.

Not that the chocoholics don't want a piece or two as well...

Well, there you have my litte list of favourite Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts. We can all do with a little extra cheer and - fortunately for us - Cadbury's are there to help. Because, you know, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without chocolates!