England Travel Stories
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In days gone by, travellers were welcome in any village they came through. They brought news from faraway places and told tales of wonder. Even in our information-crazy age, this has not changed. Some of us love to travel. And we all like to hear the tales.

Did you find the magic on your holidays in England?
Share your England travel stories and your best England photos!

The stories and pictures of England we bring back from tours and days out are often amazing and sometimes truly magical. Some are so good they stay with us for a very long time after the holidays are over. Some even stay with us forever.

Royal Guards outside Buckingham Palace

I'll never forget my first sight of the White Cliffs of Dover, just before sunrise and from the top deck of a ferry I should not even have been on.

Or my first acquaintance with British Rail. I thought the trains were marvellous - velveteen upholstery and doors you could only open by winding down the window, just like in the movies!

My first impressions of London - Victoria Station, rush hour just starting and herds of red double-decker buses and black taxi cabs driving on the wrong side of the road - are equally burnt into my mind. To this day I'll swear that I saw a man in a suit with a bowler hat and a rolled umbrella walking down towards Buckingham Palace, but my husband reckons I must have dreamt that bit. It was 1990 after all!

Discovering England produced many really magic moments. And these are the moments I'd like to share with you here: the England travel stories and pictures of England that mean the most to me.

And I'll hope you do the same. England travel can be a real adventure! And we all like to hear the tales.

Here are some of my all-time favourites. Memories that will not fade, regardless of where I am and what I'm doing or what the weather is outside.

  • Imagine finding a tiny walled garden hidden in a landscape of rolling dunes, invisible until you trip right over it.

  • Imagine standing on the perfect beach with the sun shining down on you, the sea an ever-present murmur and not a soul around you.

  • Imagine the mystery of a sacred pool with leaves dappling the still, dark water.

  • Imagine riding down a country lane with swathes of daffodils making up the verges and having lunch in the shelter of an old stone wall by a tiny Saxon church.

  • Imagine standing on a bare hilltop, wind-blasted but with a view that stretches for miles.

  • Imagine the colours and tranquillity of a perfect sunset.

  • Or imagine trees, great ancient oaks and chestnuts, that have seen parts of England's history that you can only imagine.