The Best English Beaches
Dog Friendly Beaches

Beaches are a popular destination for the whole family and this includes the four-legged member too.

Although not all beaches welcome canines there are many dog friendly beaches in England that will let Fido run around to his heart's content and cool off in the sea.

Here are 5 of the best dog friendly beaches in England but there are many more English beaches to discover so check with your local tourist board to find the one closest you!

St. Bees, Cumbria

Located only 40 miles from the English Scottish border, St Bees is a family friendly community with one of the most popular family beaches in Cumbria. Have your trip coincide with low tide and you'll have the long stretches of sand all to yourself.

Holkham, Norfolk

Holkham beach in Norfolk is one of the most iconic English beaches. A recent winner of Coast magazine's "Best British Beach" title, Holkham Beach brings together lagoons, dunes, a nature reserve and of course the beach itself. There are some restrictions on Wells Beach, however, there is still ample room for dogs, and their owners, to run wild and enjoy themselves in the pristine natural conditions.

English beaches

Lepe, Hampshire

Another of England's naturally beautiful beaches is Lepe in Hampshire. Stretched across a mile of coastline, it's punctuated by pine fringed cliffs and wild flower meadows and even views of the Isle of Wight. One of the many beaches on England's south coast to be used for the D-Day landings in World War II, Lepe provides your four-legged friend with a great playground whilst you can visit both an historic and beautiful beach.

Formby, Merseyside

Located between Liverpool and Southport, this stretch of coastline is a popular beach destination for all wildlife lovers. A coastal wilderness with abundant wildlife, make sure to avoid the National Trust section. The Lifeboat Road end is where you will find the most room and least wildlife for you and your dog to enjoy. Dogs are allowed in the National Trust section but must be kept on leads.

Camber Sands, East Sussex

One of the most popular dog friendly beaches, Camber Sands offer up special dog zones and dedicated bins for the inevitable waste. However, the stretch of sand dunes and variety of flora and fauna make this a picturesque spot for those walking on two legs as well!


So there you have it. Five of the best dog friendly beaches in England that also offer up some unique sights and sounds for the owners too. For more information on beaches in England or other pet-friendly areas visit