Halloween in England - how do the English celebrate?

by Rachel

When I came to England 20 years ago, Halloween wasn't such a big thing at all. Someone who had been to the US might throw a party for friends and kids, but generally, we celebrated Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th with fireworks and a huge bonfire party.

Since then, things have moved on. Now, many people in England celebrate BOTH Halloween and Bon Fire Night. And seeing that it's the start of a dark and damp and cold winter, we need all the celebration we can get.

So, what do we do for Halloween? We throw costume parties - mainly for kids, but a lot of grown ups also join in. Ghoulishly dressed children make their way round the neighbourhood offering 'trick or treat' and lots of sweets are eaten.

And for food? All manner of weird concoctions turn up on dinner tables from spooky soup to ghoul cakes to chocolate spiders and witches brew.

And then, only a few days later, we celebrate Guy Fawkes night in style, too.

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