Languages spoken in England?

by Simone

What are the main languages spoken in England?


England's official language is English. The same goes for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of which England is a part.

In Wales, which is part of the UK, Welsh is also an official language.

And in Scotland, especially in the west, Scots or Gaelic are still spoken.

While we all speak English, there are many local accents. A person from Yorkshire will sound different from a person coming from Birmingham, for example. That way we can often tell, when we meet someone for the first time, which part of England they're from.

The area of Northumberland, in the north-east of England, has an accent that's almost a separate language, as people there use a lot of old Germanic words that are used nowhere else in the English language. That's due to Northumberland having been a kingdom of its own for a time with much influence from Vikings and other Germanic visitors.

In Cornwall, in the far west of England, efforts are made to keep the Cornish language alive. Cornish is related to the languages spoken in Brittany and the Basque country and was once widely spoken in Cornwall.

In addition, England is a very multi-cultural society and many immigrant communities still speak their home languages. So you can hear Indian and Pakistani languages and dialects, African languages and - increasingly - Eastern European ones in English towns and villages.

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