Living with the Royal Air Force.

by Janet
(eire )

From the age of 5 years, we travelled wherever the RAF sent us throughout England and Wales.

The best memories are turning up at whichever station we were assigned to, and as children always looking for what the previous children had left behind, the odd few crayons or couple of marbles. The houses were scrupulously clean and everyone was welcoming. On one of the stations (Albrighton I think) we arrived on a very cold late night to find hot Shepherds Pie under the grill followed by apple crumble. This was something the CO's wife did for all families moving onto the station.

This was in 1963 or thereabouts when we had that very big snow storm and woke up in the morning to find the snow up to the windowsills and not able to get out.

Christmas was always very special as the Air Force camps always put on huge Christmas parties for the children, beginning with Walt Disney cartoons followed by very elaborate parties attended by the Air Force men and women in their uniforms, and, of course, Santa always turned up with a present for everyone, with each child's name on. Magic.

Bonfire night was a big show laid on, on each station, and well supervised by the air team, with hot sausages and potatoes roasted around the bonfire.

I thank God for having such wonderful parents who gave us such a special and warming childhood and brilliant respectful upbringing. England, nothing will ever compare, and everyone
should be proud and respectful of all the good that England still has to give.

England will always be first and last in my heart.
Thank you for letting me share this with you.

God bless all. xx

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