Which products are still proudly
Made in England?

In the last century, England was the world's manufactory, a title it has long since lost to the nations of the Far East. A "Made in England" badge on products is becoming a rarity, with more and more English firms moving operations abroad to save money.

But that doesn't mean that the English have given up. Far from it! All over England there are small and large producers who revive traditional products and methods of making them, who look at what's around them and use it.

If you want to find traditional English products to enjoy while visiting, or to take back home, then bookmark this page. As I scour the country for the best of English, I will update the page. If feasible, I'll also add any news and special offers that I may find.

So which products are still proudly "Made in England"?

Traditional English Foods

On this page you'll find many wonderfully tasty things like Cadbury chocolate, English cheeses, Craster Kippers, Lindisfarne Mead, Cumberland sausages, Maldon Sea Salt, Marmite, Colman's Mustard, Somerset Cider Brandy, traditionally smoked eels, all manner of sausages and hams, Black Pudding from Bury and anything else I can catch and taste.


This section features producers such as the Portmeirion pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, Royal Albert bone china, Royal Worcester Porcelain, Denby dinnerware, Sheffield-made cutlery and the highly collectible and very beautiful Mouseman Furniture made by Robert Thompson's Craftsmen.

Cloth, Clothes and Woolens

On this page we'll look at artisan spinners, weavers, dyers and clothiers who are carrying on the very ancient traditions that once made England famous for its wool and cloth.


Never having sailed one, shipbuilding fascinates me by its very scale and the sheer beauty of its products. And by the - admittedly slow and haphazard- realisation of the harsh life those men must have led, building these floating beauties.

Cars and Motorbikes

England led the way in motorised transport and marques such as Lotus, Morgan, Rolls Royce, Triumph and TVR evoke a long history of engineering and design, of beauty and chaos, of triumph and disaster. Find out about them here.

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