my first time in england

by Laura

I've always dreamed about seeing England, being there, it was always my dream country.

This summer I've finally made it. I was in London, although I would have wannted to get in Liverpool but anyway it was England and I was fascinated. England is just another class is something different, the people are more respectfull, the services are better it's just great.

I was very tired by the time I got there so a few calm days were awsome, I was at Buckingham to see the change ( the guards) from there we( me and two other friends) went through the park 'till Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square , then saw the Houses of the Parliament then the great Big Ben
(I saw it at night to it is wonderful)

There we have met a nice man that was responsabile with the security and he was so cute that I even took a picture with him and he was firendly, a great guy.

And the tour goes on with Westminster Abby where we stood at least an hour it was pacefull and it gave me the feeling that I was in the right place to open my heart and take out all the things that worried me and recieve a lot of good things.

From there on we went to London Bridge. We walked all the way 'till there near the water and saw London's imposing buildings rising up in the sunny sky, we saw St. Paul too. It's one of the most imposing and in the same time welcoming cathedrals all over the world.

We stood half an hour on a bridge just to watch the city and it's magical London Bridge. It seemed like we were part of a story, a movie something that can't be real, I couldn't believe I was in England! I was in London Eye, Madame Toussad and - most important for me - Wembley Stadium!

I grew up watching Liverpool and Steaua Bucharest. I love them both and I am a Romania and England fan so it was the most extrordinary thing for me to see Englands dressing room, to sit on Gerrards place( he is my idol) to get out on the pitch an stand on Capello's place to touch the FA Cup it was just great...I was at Englands first football game against USA at one PUB screaming and jumping with at least 200 Englands suporters it was awsome, I feld just like home.

I saw a lot of other things in England that convinced me that I definitly wanna live there. I wanna move in Liverpool it will be difficult but it deserves.

England is great.

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Jun 21, 2014
by: tom

All my life I have dreamed about england, all I wanted is to visit england one day in my life. You guys are lucky to have been there....

Aug 03, 2010
My Home.. London
by: Anonymous

Yes, all those comments from a friend here on holiday are just so right...Its in the very core of my homeland and London is London....

I`ve stayed in the grandest places, had chaufered limosines and had the best of everything...

I`ve seen the world at its best with the best and still my old heart now requires the greeness of England, the softness of the sheep and the comfort of the cows.....

it sounds funny reading back but there will be many many folk out there saying the same...only circumstances allow us only to remain where we are at this precise moment in time ..but we can still remember the times when we could touch the stones and remember.....

Dec 02, 2011
by: Susanne

Yes London....what an amazing town.
I used to live there for 11 years but the big city life stressed me too much in the end.
I went back home to Germany.
Though I am not sure if it is home anymore...England has become my home....

So I still have London in my heart and will not forget those times I had there, filled with pain and pleasure....

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