Northumberland Magic

Sitting on the bank with my boyfriend at Howick Haven Beach in Northumberland and painting the scene

by Mary McAndrew
(Buffalo, New York, USA)

Today we visited Howdiemont Sands beach along the coast of the North Sea in Northumberland England.

We walked across Sugar Sands and climbed up to a point where we could view the point at Howick Haven.

I wanted to do a watercolor painting of the view, I did most in the field sitting on top a windy, grassy cold hill, the rest I finished back at home from the photos I took.

Comment from Sue:

Many thanks for sharing your painting and your memories of Northumberland with us! I just love the peace in England's Magic Kingdom. And your painting is a perfect reminder.
Thank you!

PS: To find out more about Mary McAndrew, her work and her travels to England, please pop over and check out her blog.

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