Questions about England: Traditional English Food and Bearskin Hats

by Chiara
(Ayr, Australia)

What is England's traditional food? And what is the hat of the Buckingham Palace guards called?


Don't get me started on the food, or we'll never finish. England has so many wonderful traditional dishes, that it's very difficult to choose.

I suppose the most popular (and most cliche) are Fish & Chips, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, English afternoon tea and Christmas pudding. But there's lots more to traditional English food than that.

Why not check out our English food page and the many traditional English recipes on the site to give you an idea what traditional English food is like?

You never know, you might find something you'd like to have for lunch... or dinner... or pudding...

As for your other question: The Queen's Guard wear Bearskins.

These monstrous hats - 18in / 46cm tall and weighing 1.5lb / 700g - have been around since 1815 and were adopted as a sign of victory after the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

They're made of real bearskin from Canadian brown bears. Apparently, the British Army is trying to find a synthetic replacement for the fur, but this is turning out to be extremely difficult.

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