Quirky Christmas Traditions in England

Christmas is the time of the year we all look forward to. It's full of fun, laughter and family, and always makes the cold weather seem much more acceptable!

All the traditions we know and love (or maybe not love in the case of sprouts with your Christmas dinner), from cards, presents and decorations to the turkey and singing carols, are all age-old traditions, many of which date back to before Victorian times.

There are, however, some more modern and quirky Christmas traditions.

The nativity play, performed in schools across the country, now involves a few new characters - after all, according to the film 'Love Actually', everyone knows there was a lobster present at the birth of Jesus!

Also, who knew that the mince pies we enjoy so much used to be (and in some places still are) filled with real meat? To be honest, this is maybe a little too far removed from what is normally expected when you bite into a mince pie!

Christmas is the ideal time to take short breaks with loved ones, or to take time to go and visit them.

This is a great way to see a bit more of England, as up and down the country there is a wealth of activities and events going on to celebrate Christmas. Whether traditional or quirky, they will all keep the young and old alike entertained throughout the festive period.

Who needs to go abroad to get away from it all when you can have fun in England instead?

Some of the most popular events are Christmas markets. These take place all over England and are full of fun including streets lined with stalls selling handmade gifts, authentic local produce, mulled wines, real ales, and arts and crafts. There are also fairground rides and street performances.

Some markets have a traditional Victorian theme, while others, such as those held in Birmingham and Bristol, are slightly different with a German focus, reminding us all of the time when Queen Victoria's German husband, Prince Albert, helped reinvent Christmas in England.

These German inspired Christmas markets are full of German sausages, sweets, real ales, gifts and music. They have grown hugely in popularity over recent years, suggesting that people do prefer to indulge a something a bit different at Christmas.

Even though Christmas markets are generously dotted around England, hours of travelling can put a dampener on any day out - which is why these events are ideal for short breaks.

Visiting other areas of the country with family or friends can turn out to be great fun and maybe even an eye-opener, as different areas have different quirky Christmas traditions and it can be an adventure discovering them.

Every family has their own familiar twist on Christmas, from drinking lots of egg nog and coke to buying everyone in the family new pyjamas ready for Christmas morning - but get out and about in England and you will find that quirky traditions are everywhere. Who could have imagined that eating German sausage would become so popular amongst English people at Christmas?

There is so much to see and do and generally have fun in England over the festive period - so go out and create some quirky Christmas traditions of your own.