Rivers and Lakes in England

by Julisa

What are the names of the rivers and lakes in England?


There are a great many rivers and lakes in England ... too many to list them all, but here are a few of the biggest ones:

  • the River Thames ... England's largest river and the one that flows through London

  • the river Avon ... in the south of England. The Romans built the city of Bath on its banks

  • the River Severn ... England's longest river. It goes from Shropshire in the north all the way down to Bristol in the south. The mouth of the river Severn is a tidal estuary. When the tide is high, you can surf on the wave it makes as it flows backwards

  • the River Tyne ... in the north of England. The city of Newcastle and its many huge shipyards are alongside it.

  • the River Humber ... this separates southern and northern England. The Humber bridge is a lovely piece of engineering.

  • the River Trent ... this crosses Middle England including Sherwood Forest, the one-time home of folk hero Robin Hood

Most of England's lakes were formed at the end of the ice age, when the glaciers melted. Or they were created during the last last century as reservoirs for drinking water and to generate electricity.

The most famous 'natural' lakes in England can be found in the Lake District in the north-west of the country. Lake Windermere, Coniston Water and Ullswater are the biggest.

Rutland Water is one of England's biggest man-made lakes and is north of London.

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