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Essentially England is almost four years old and much has happened since December 14th, 2007, when the first page went live. Not only have I written over 500 pages, but laws have changed during this time, too. And when it once was just fun to run a website, now there are quite a few regulations to follow, too.

Hence the new site map, which should give all visitors a chance to quickly find any information they're looking for, whether holiday ideas, a recipe or a chance to advertise with us.

About the Site

Here's the story of a dream and how Essentially England came to be. Find out who Essentially England is for, why it's built the way it is and where I'm planning to take the site over the next five years.

The Essentially England Site Map

Any site with 500+ pages needs an index. And that's just what the Essentially England site map is hoping to be. A fast track around the site, helping you find exactly what you're looking for, when you're looking for it.

Questions about England

One of the most popular sections of the site, here you can ask everything you always wanted to know about England. Whether it's a question about food, customs, travel, language or history, I'll do my best to find an answer for it.

The Essentially England Privacy Policy

Privacy can be problematic on the web, so our privacy policy outlines how we protect your privacy and personal information and how we use any personal information, such as names and email addresses, that you entrust us with.

Contact Essentially England

We love to hear from you, whether it's with questions, suggestions or comments about the site. I'll try to answer every mail I receive as quickly as I'm able.

The England Blog

While the site map helps you navigate Essentially England, our England Blog is the place to find out what's new. Keep an eye out for new pages that are added weekly and any special offers and events news that I come across.

Essentially England News

Our monthly newsletter for England lovers. With recipes, history fun facts, travel and holiday ideas, special offers and lots of topical information. You can opt to receive Essentially England News directly into your inbox, or via RSS feed. Look for the latest issue towards the end of each month.

Essentially England Advertising Policy

Running a website costs time and money, and this page outlines what I do to cover our costs. It also covers our advertising policy, and how to get in contact with me if you would like to advertise your products and/or services on Essentially England.

This should cover Essentially England's most important site pages. If there's anything I haven't listed that you want to know about, then please feel free to contact me. Alternatively: