The best place to see paintings by artist John Constable

by Andrew

Which is the best art gallery to see the works of John Constable?


I'm told that in his lifetime, John Constable sold only about 20 paintings in England, but many more abroad, especially in France. And I think the English have been trying to rectify this ever since.

I'm not an expert on Constable's work, but it seems to me that London would be a good place to start, as several of its many galleries have paintings.

Here's what I could find out. If anyone else could add to this list, or give us some other ideas, that would be ace!

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
The museum acquired 6 Constable paintings from collector John Sheepshank, including the one of Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds.

But most of the museum's collection, 390 paintings and drawings in oil, watercolour, pen and pencil came from John Constable's daughter Isabel.

The Tate Gallery
The gallery lists 95 constable paintings, 9 attributed works and 151 collaborations on its website. The Tate has also run major Constable exhibitions in the past.

The National Gallery
Here you can see The Cornfield and The Haywain amongst other works by John Constable, even though their collection doesn't seem to be as extensive as those in the V&A and the Tate.

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