Things to do in England

However hard you try, you will never get bored in England! From indoors to outdoors, from historical to whacky, from food to music, you're spoilt for choice with the many things to do in England.

Still, we all like different things and I can't be everywhere. So here's a page for all of us to share our best days out in England. Relive that most magical moment, or come here to look for inspiration - the choice is yours.

What did YOU do in England?
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Had a great time in England? Did something you've never done before? Had the time of your life or discovered something unexpected?

Share your story plus any hints and tips you've picked up along the way and make somebody else's day.

Your Best Days Out in England

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Greenway: On the Trail of Agatha Christie 
My parents were avid readers. Every other Saturday we’d all troop to the library to select our next read. Naturally, Agatha Christie was often among the …

Days out in England: Locking up the Tower Not rated yet
One of the most interesting experiences I had in England was the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. I had read about it in a Tom Clancy novel, …

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