Towards the Ridgeway

by Marion Deacon
(Surrey, UK)

Attached is a copy of a painting called Towards the Ridgeway. It explores the feeling of space and beauty found along the Ridgeway in Wiltshire. The ridges of hills are punctuated with stocky trees. I painted it to explore the feeling of space and openness. Colours chosen remind the viewer that although remote and windswept, in the summer these valleys and hills celebrate the heat and light of the summer sun.

It is a mixed media painting created with collage, acrylics, and pastels.

More about the artist

Marion Deacon is a mixed media artist who loves painting and aims to capture the essence of a place. By standing and looking, feeling and just being there she absorbs the sense of the place. Our environment is constantly under threat, in capturing its beauty she hope to challenge people to protect it. Marion is fascinated by the colours and textures of our varied landscape in the UK. Working with mixed media gives her a freedom to explore these amazing textures, colours and hues. In her work she creates paintings that are vibrant, alive and contemporary.

Explore more of Marion's work on her landscape painting website.

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