Using an Australian child car seat in England

by Eliza

Can I bring my australian car seat with me to england and is it valid / legal?


The UK has strict rules for seats and appropriate safety restraints for children travelling in cars. These are based on the age and height of the child and whether they are travelling in the front or rear seat of the car.

At the most basic level, the law says that all children must use a seatbelt - where fitted to the vehicle - and use appropriate safety or booster seats.

It is always the driver's responsibility to ensure that the correct restraints are fitted and used at all times.

I suggest that the best way for you would be to compare your existing seat to the ones legal in this country. Check out the website of, which has lots of good information about types of available child seats and child restraints and a section on the necessary legalities.

Checking the site, I notice that a European child car seat would not be legal in Australia, so the rules are worth checking out.

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Meeting the Standards
by: Rachel Carey

Great article! The UK does have strict rules on car seats, which is also why it's a good idea to find a manufacturer that has been meeting those standards for many years:

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