Using Traveller's Cheques in the UK

Traveller's cheques were a lot more common a few years back than they are now.
Yes, they're still around, but you need to go to a bank or Bureau de Change to cash them and these are
a) not open all the time and
b) not available everywhere, particularly the very rural parts of England.
If you're planning to spend time in London or any one of England's big cities, you're most likely ok carrying traveller's cheques.

But you can't use them to pay for goods and services and cashing traveller's cheques attracts a fee or a percentage of the value of the cheque, so you need to be prepared to pay that.

What else could you use if you don't want to carry large amounts of cash?
Credit cards are widely accepted from hotels to restaurants to taxis and cinemas. Most shops take them, too ... but make sure you have Visa or Mastercard as American Express is not accepted as widely.

With most banks you can use your ATM card to draw out cash, but you're most likely charged a flat fee by your bank. You'd best check with them how much they charge.

And then, there's a thing called a Visa Moneycard, which I think is available in the US. It's like a credit card, only you 'load' it with your spending money before you go. I don't know about the charges for using it... so maybe somebody else can help out?

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