What is the best time to visit England?

by Mike
(San Jose, USA)

I am planning to visit my relatives in England around Christmas time. My mother and father are both from England and they suggest I schedule it for another time because of the weather and lack of train service at that time. They also have said that many of the tourist attractions will be closed at that time. I am thinking of going in April instead. What would you suggest?


Your parents are quite correct in pointing out that over Christmas travel in England is a bit of a strain.

  • Many people visit their folks so trains are pricey and very busy.

  • Shops and restaurants are catering for the Christmas shopping and Christmas partying crowds, so the service is not always as good as you're likely to get the rest of the year.

  • Many tourist sites outside of London are shut

  • And as it gets dark around 4pm and the weather can be chancy

So you really need to plan well to make a Christmas trip a success. It can be done - we used to go away for Christmas every year - but you really need to know what you like and what you want to do and then choose your location wisely.

Mid-April has most major tourist sites opening again. The weather can be anything at that time of the year, but over the last two or three years it has been very nice, warm and mainly dry. Pack a jacket and an umbrella, though - this is England, after all.

I would try to avoid Easter ... in the pricey and busy stakes almost as bad as Christmas... but apart from that, early spring is a very cheerful time to visit England.

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