What made you like England in particular?

by Andrew
(Northern England)

I just wondered what drew you towards liking England so much as opposed to other countries or other parts of the UK such as Scotland and Wales?

Anyway, its nice to see someone who really appreciates our country and culture, especially from someone born abroad, even when Germany itself is a very nice country, rivalling England itself in terms of beauty.


Hi Andrew! Thanks for the flowers. And a very interesting question.

I've been in love with England since I was about 6 or so. That's when I discovered the tales of Robin Hood. It took me a while to realise that he didn't live in the woods down the road, but once I had I was hooked on England.

Even then I was a history nut. So English history was and is my first love. There may be nice countryside in Germany, but there are not many countries in northern and central Europe where you have 6000 years of history all in a pile. (Where I grew up in Germany, history didn't really start until 1000AD. Before that it was nothing but wood.)

In England, there are prehistoric finds - like Stonehenge and Avebury, Roman monumnents - like Bath and St Albans and Hadrian's Wall, the Anglo-Saxon history, then Norman and, finally - a thousand years of "English."

I also like Scotland and its fierce independence, and reading Welsh history (early medieval history, that is) makes me wish I'd met some of the people, but it's always been England that touched my heart.

I think that England is simply like nowhere else in the world. The friendly people, the history, the food, the traditions, the wackiness, the pride and passion coupled with a reluctance to express it...
It's just what makes England real for me, like Northumberland's magnificence, Cornwall's mystery, Wiltshire's ancient soul or the contemplative air of the Kent countryside.

And then, there's always fish and chips, and English asparagus, and cream tea... or a nettle eating contest.


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