Will my Verizon phone work in England?

To find out if your phone will work abroad, it's always best to check with your network provider. Many have partner contracts with providers in other countries, offering a nearly seamless service while you're travelling.

Which of your customary services you can expect abroad - phone, voicemail, email, web browsing etc. - depends on the service plan you have. Again, your service provider will be able to confirm the details to you. Often, they will also provide you with an emergency number should you lose your phone.

As for Verizon, their website states that depending on your plan, you can stay connected while outside the US in more than 40 destinations (200 with an advanced plan.)

You are advised to check the Verizon Coverage Maps to see whether service is available in your destination.

You should dial *611 or call (800) 922-0204 or contact a Verizon Wireless representative to enable International Roaming.

And - of course - don't forget to check the cost for using your mobile phone abroad, or get a pre-paid card. Phone charges are usually a bit higher when you use your mobile abroad.

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