Books about English Food

I've read somewhere that cookery books are some of the most frequently bought books and something in me would agree with that. We all need to eat and most of us like to eat, too.

But not everyone is born with a wooden spoon in their hand, so they're looking for some help to turn out that perfect Sunday roast or big slapup meal for friends.

Others like to experiment and try new flavours and ways of preparing food. Yet others want to recreate dishes they've enjoyed as children or while on holiday.

And some people - and I'm one of them - simply find it relaxing and inspiring to read cookery books and look at the gorgeous photos, working up an appetite for lunch or dinner. Books about English food is for all of us:

Books about English Food
The Bookshop for Food Lovers

My husband will tell you that I have far too many cookery books already. I do buy them to read as much as to cook from. So this time, instead of buying yet another one, I've built books about English food, a bookshop for all of us who need a little help or inspiration.

In my store you can find books and DVDs from England's most popular chefs. You can pick up books full of traditional recipes, read about the traditions and ceremonies of Afternoon Tea and learn all about England's obsession with luscious puddings and desserts.

Don't forget to check out my cookery book reviews in What am I reading? below. Just to give you some ideas.

What am I reading?
My Favourite Food Books

England's Heritage Food and Cooking

This is one of the most tasty looking cookbooks I've come across in a long time! The photography is simply mouthwatering and the food displayed is even more so.

If you ever wanted to cook like grandma, but never had the gumption or kitchen skills to try, go get this book. All the old favourites are there, with clear step by step instructions. All the wonderful photos will keep you hungry and on track while you're cooking.

The Taste of Britain

This book is simply marvellous if you want to know why Gentlemen's Relish was made in London, where Blue Vinny cheese comes from or which county grows the best dessert apples.

This is not a 'light read'. This worthy tome can double as a doorstop, but there's so much useful information in this book, that I find it excellent value. Scrabble or cross-words will never be the same again.

Real Fast Food and Puddings

Nigel Slater is a food writer whose books I could eat - and that would be a lot better for my waistline!

Real Fast Food was the first of his books I bought. That was years ago and my copy is now a sad mess! If you can get hold of it, buy it. It's money well spent.

The companion book, Real Fast Puddings is equally tasty. Apricot Amaretti Crumble anyone?

Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Christmas

With the holiday season approaching, I find myself digging out Rose Elliot's classic once again.

Even if you fancy your turkey with all the trimmings come Christmas day, you should have this book in your collection. There are marvellous recipes for fat-free mincemeat, Christmas pudding, dips, sauces and salads that will all come in handy during the party season.

And you never know: there may be a few Vegetarians amongst your guests. And then you're winning already ...

A Passion for Vegetables

We're all told to eat more fruit and veg, but many of us just don't know what to do with all the strange things on offer in the supermarket. And we do the same old, same old with the old favourites.

Meet Mr Paul Gayler. Here's a man who has vegetables licked. If you're up for experimenting with unusual tastes and combinations, try this book.

You want an example? Let me tell you that I love chocolate, but absolutely HATE beetroot. I really cannot abide the things. Now get Paul Gayler's book and try the Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Then tell me what you think!

Our Favourite Recipes

This isn't just one book! There's a whole series of them, themed collections of traditional English favourites.

So whether you're wanting to remember how to make sloe gin, or Sussex pond pudding or beef and walnut casserole... these books about English food will fit the bill. They make excellent little gifts, too.

You can check out more of my favourite cookery and recipe books in Books about English Food, the bookshop for food lovers.