Castle Hotels in England

How often have you looked at pictures of England's many magnificent castles and wished you could stay there? Experience what it's like to walk the corridors, look out of the high windows and explore the beautiful gardens? Celebrate an anniversary, get married or simply find out how it feels to be looked after like a king.

Well, why not stay in a castle?

Not all English castles are ruins and not all belong to Her Majesty.

A few have been turned into amazing luxury hotels. Opulent, outrageous, romantic, haunted.... castle hotels are always something special. Whether you're planning a romantic weekend, a wedding or a honeymoon, check out this selection of English castle hotels and experience the age of chivalry for yourself.

Lumley Castle

This is romance with a capital R, haunted and satin-draped. Lumley Castle is an ideal venue for a weekend away and very popular for weddings.

But it finds just as much favour with business travellers - no doubt due to the right royal way guests are looked after. From four-posters and log fires, to wifi, an indoor pool and a highly recommended restaurant, Lumley Castle has it all.

And the added advantage: cricket lovers will find the Durham cricket ground right next door!

Book your stay in Lumley Castle here

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Thornbury Castle

If you love Tudor history then Thornbury Castle is the ideal hotel for you. Once the love nest of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, it's the only Tudor castle open as a hotel. And it truly looks the part.

Much of its historic interior has been preserved, so expect heavy oaken doors, huge fireplaces, suits of armour and luxurious four-posters. Ghosts? Not so sure.

Instead, the hotel's won awards for the exceptional way it looks after its guests. So if you ever wanted to be waited on by a tuxedo-clad butler, then you really should visit this amazing castle hotel.

Book your stay in Thornbury Castle here

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Swinton Park

Not quite as old as the previous two, but Swinton Park makes up for that lack with its fairytale looks and gorgeous Regency decor.

It's a wonderful setting for a big romantic wedding. (Just imagine the photos!) The honeymoon suite is - very appropriately for a castle hotel - a glorious, three-floored affair in one of the turrets.

But couples looking for a romantic weekend find it just as inspiring. Exploring the gardens, lakes and moors just on your doorstep, or taking tea in one of the exquisite drawing rooms, you can be excused for imagining yourself in 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Book your stay in Swinton Park here

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Bovey Castle

Again, not as old, but Bovey Castle boasts a wonderful location and stunning good looks.

This is a castle hotel for those who like their mod cons a little more modern. While the outside may remind you of knights on horseback, the interior leans more towards 1920s filmstar glamour than the crusades.

Go out with the hotels falconer to hunt your own dinner. (Where else can you do that?) Or take afternoon tea in the Cathedral Room, with its vaulted oak-beamed ceiling and 30-foot fireplace.

Explore the wine cellars, play golf on a restored championship course - or just take it easy with a glass of something nice and enjoy the peace and the wonderful views.

Book your stay in Bovey Castle here

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There's something about English castles that fires the imagination. History comes alive, reality merges with romance. And staying in a castle becomes the ultimate romantic fantasy.

In England's dramatic, luxurious castle hotels this fantasy comes true - whether you're dreaming of a grand romantic wedding, a surprise anniversary break or a weekend away with a difference.

Go ahead - immerse yourself in England's wonderful history!

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