Made in England
Denby Dinnerware and China

China and tableware production in England is usually associated with the potteries of Staffordshire. But Denby dinnerware, stoneware and china - which come from a village in the heart of Derbyshire - are the exception to the rule.

Denby pottery (or rather stoneware) has been made in the village for the last 200 years, but the company is also fast gaining a reputation for porcelain and china.

Both are stylish and of excellent quality, but at the heart of the Denby brand, there is stoneware - beautifully designed, strong, durable and chip resistant.

I simply love this stuff! For me, a big blue Denby mug and generous-sized plate conjure up the image of afternoon tea in a huge farmhouse kitchen, while rain lashes the windows outside.

But it could equally well mean a cheerful dinner with friends or a romantic, stylish tete-a-tete.

This is tableware with a zest for life. It's made for cooking with and eating from and having fun with.

Denby dinnerware is designed around rich colours and distinctive shapes. And its famous tough glaze - which reduces the chance of chipping and scratching - makes it tableware fit for our busy lifestyles. It can take oven, dishwasher and microwave in its stride ... and still look stylish on the table.

Denby Greenwich, Denby Imperial Blue, Denby Merlot and Denby Jet are deep-hued softly curving shapes. Partnered with gleaming white, they make for good-looking dinnerware that can match a bold kitchen design.

Denby Fire, Denby Caramel and Denby Truffle are modern designs that adapt easily to any setting, while Denby Regency Green, Denby Mist and Denby Azure use beautifully soft shades.

And if your taste runs to gleaming white tableware, then Denby White is a popular choice with clean silhouettes and soft, fine textures.

Denby has stood the test of 200 years and its popularity is only growing. Sit down with a mug of coffee or tea and a few biscuits on a Denby plate and you'll soon know why ...

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