Traditional English Recipes
Tasty English Food For You to Cook

Most traditional English recipes have a long and eventful history. Some were passed down through generations of cooks, others were chance inventions that were so well liked that many cooks took them up and made them classics.

No matter if you're looking for ideas for a leisurely breakfast with your family, lunch with your friends, a teatime treat or an unusual pudding to round off a picnic or birthday dinner - you're likely to find something on these pages.

I love researching recipes - unusual ones, traditional ones and local ones - and I'm frequently adding new recipes to this list.

Use the quick links in the table below to move right to the section you're interested in ... or browse at leisure through this tasty selection of traditional English recipes.

Breakfast Treats

Traditional English recipes: breakfast treats A full English or cooked breakfast is still an English institution. But there's more to breakfast than bacon and eggs or toast on the run. Try these delicious traditional recipes for breakfast treats from a time gone by...

Soups and Salads

Traditional English recipes: Soups and Salads Soups are true soul food. They can be uplifting or soothing, calming or invigorating - just as needed. Kitchen novices can make soups. They can feed a crowd. And they don't break the bank. Salads can turn a summer afternoon picnic into a stylish eating experience, or they can be nothing more than a quick snack at lunchtime. Whatever you're after, there are some traditional English recipes to suit.

Sandwiches and Picnic Food

Traditional English recipes: picnic food Sandwiches are a great English invention that's sadly been overtaken by the supermarkets. But make your own and you will really know the wonders of a good sandwich, whether you eat it at your desk or outside on the lawn as part of a picnic. And of course, there are plenty of other traditional English recipes that make excellent picnic foods, because eating out of doors is just wonderful.

Dinner and Supper

Traditional English recipes: Dinner and supper recipes Tasty, warming, comforting ... a good dinner should be all of these and we have a vast number of traditional English recipes that fit the bill perfectly. From Lancashire Hotpot to Shepherds Pie and Fish and Chips, traditional English dinners are a meal to look forward to.

English Desserts for Spring and Summer

Traditional English recipes: english summer desserts Summer desserts are light, fruity and just right for being eaten outside in the sunshine. We love delicate fools, light and creamy custards and, of course, make use of all the fruits our gardens and hedgerows have available.

English Desserts for Autumn and Winter

Traditional English recipes: Englihs desserts for winter Come winter, we look for more warming, comforting fare. This is the time for steamed puddings, baked puddings, warming crumbles and apple pie.

Teatime Treats

Traditional English recipes: teatime treats Drinking tea is an institution in England. And for most people, just a cuppa just won't do. There has to be something alongside it: a biscuit, a slice of cake, a bun or a scone.

Chocolates and Sweets

Traditional English recipes: chocolate and sweets As a nation, we have a very sweet tooth. And it's not just about chocolate, either. Plenty of old-fashioned sweets are making a comeback: sherbet lemons, gobstoppers, coconut ice and all the other old favourites.

Jams, Pickles and Preserves

Traditional English recipes: jams, pickles and preserves Jam making, pickling and preserving are real kitchen pleasures, because the results of your labours are around for weeks if not months to be enjoyed. They're great to have around the house for all manner of sudden invasions, too.


Traditional English recipes: drinks Name three English drinks: tea and beer and cider. Name two more: gin and ginger beer. But what about all the others? The old-fashioned tried and tested ones? What about mulled wine, shandy gaff, claret cup, sloe gin, mead, a bowl of punch or a glass of cherry brandy?

Christmas Food

Traditional English recipes: Christmas Food Christmas without its myriad of traditional recipes just wouldn't be Christmas. Check out all the traditional favourites like mince pies, christmas pudding, mulled wine, chestnut soup and more in my Christmas food section.

Apple Recipes

Traditional English recipes: apple recipes I love apples, so no prizes for anyone guessing how many recipes I have for tasty things to do with apples. There's not just apple pie, I'll have you know!

Mincemeat Recipes

Traditional English Mincemeat Recipes Mincemeat recipes are a boon for the thrifty cook. Savoury dishes like cottage pie easily and tastily feed a crowd. Sweet mincemeat warms your home with the scents of Christmas and allows you to rustle up tasty puddings in no time at all.

Asparagus Recipes

Traditional English Asparagus Recipes Asparagus is one of the finest vegetables nature has ever managed to produce. Despite its lamentably short season, I have numerous tasty recipes to take full advantage of the delicious green spears. Here are a few of my favourites.

Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Traditional English recipes: Brussels Sprouts Recipes Brussels sprouts divide the nation. They're either fiercely loved or fiercely hated. Still, the open minded can find many tasty Brussels sprouts recipes amongst all the traditional English recipes. And here are some of my favourites...

Traditional English recipes are a boon for any cook. They're tasty, thrifty and - mostly - not too complicated. You don't need cupboards full of specialist equipment and even with modest kitchen skills you can achieve results that will have family and friends beg for seconds and thirds.

So grab your apron, a pot and a wooden spoon and get cooking - I'm sure you'll love it!