Felt Christmas Stockings

It might feel a bit strange to begin knitting, felting or stitching something as seasonal as Christmas stockings in the late summer, but there's something so joyful in handmade Christmas decorations that it should not matter when we make them. I'm most at home with tapestry and cross stitch, but these felt Christmas stocking kits are simply to die for! I love the traditional feel and the wealth of detail that's gone into the design and making. And I'm encouraged to try felting for myself when I read the many positive comments and recommendations. For those new to needlework, Bucilla has been making needlecraft kits for over a century and have a reputation for quality material and design.

I hope you like my little selection and feel inspired to try your hand to make your own Christmas stockings this year. Each kit contains stamped felt, embroidery floss, sequins, beads, needles, and trilingual instructions.

There's something about home-made Christmas stockings that brings out the kid in me. And seeing how popular Christmas stocking kits are around the world, I'm not the only one. But not everyone is blessed with a passion for needlework or organised enough to start knitting and felting while the sun still shines warmly outside. So if you've left it too late to make your own Christmas stockings this year, why not check out these gorgeous ready-made specimens?

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