Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Whether you call them stocking stuffer ideas or stocking fillers matters little. What matters is that these are little gifts and surprises lurking deep in the recesses of your loved one's Christmas stocking, designed to bring a little extra joy to the festivities.

So, what makes a good stocking filler?

There's no need for it to be expensive, but it should entertain, bring pleasure to the senses or be of use to the recipient. For ladies, stocking stuffer ideas could include a finely crafted compact, charming or unusual jewelry, miniature scents, a notebook in an unusual cover, a scarf, gloves or top-quality miniature chocolates. For gentlemen, the market for innovative gadgets such as tiny toolsets, flashlights, mobile phone covers or add-ons has extended beyond measure.

Books, music or films always make good stocking stuffers. Other good stocking stuffer ideas include spices, herbs or unusual kitchen tools for those who make their home in the kitchen. Vouchers for days out never go amiss. And for children, the scope is simply endless with Mechano, toy cars, dolls, puzzles or games all very much in vogue.

Below are some of my current favourites based on a history/foodie theme and family tradition. Don't forget that traditionally children would get small gifts along with fruits and nuts.

Before I dive in to a top ten stocking stuffer ideas list you will first need to have a stocking. As a family we did not own special Christmas stockings, but each of us used one of my granddads long socks and left it at the end of our bed for Father Christmas to fill. Now there seem to be hundreds of different Christmas stockings and I would imagine it hard to decide on which one to buy. So, if you’re in this dilemma take a peek at our Essentially England Christmas stocking pages.

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas Top Ten List

No. 10: Cadbury's Chocolate Selection in a Stocking

As a child there was always a small chocolate in our Christmas stocking, and I also remember receiving a chocolate selection box during Christmas Day. This Cadbury chocolate selection stuffed stocking is an interesting combination and may save you buying a separate stocking. And I’m sure you’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of other small gifts into the stocking if required.

No. 9: English Heritage Roman Helmet Keyring

We all end up carrying keys around with us and this highly detailed Roman Helmet keyring would make a lovely gift for a Roman history lover. And its small size makes it an easy fit into any stocking, or old sock!

No. 8: English Heritage Jet and Sterling Silver Teardrop Ear Rings

These elegant handmade sterling silver and jet ear rings would please even the most sophisticated ladies. Jet is one of England’s oldest gemstones having been formed from 150-200 million years old fossilised wood. Whitby jet is known for its quality and is found in the Jurassic geological layer along the North Yorkshire coast.

No. 7: Terry's Chocolate Orange - 2 Pack

I’m combining two ideas into one again. Earlier I mentioned chocolate was always one of the small treats in my Christmas stocking. Well, another small gift was always a satsuma or tangerine. So, you can see where I’m coming from with a Terry’s chocolate orange only it’s not quite so healthy!

No. 6: Mens Union Jack Socks

What is it with men getting socks for Christmas? Year upon year men get new socks. Are we that boring to buy gifts for?

Well, I’m sure any England or Britain lover will cherish these fantastic looking Union Jack socks. These will be saved for all National sports and royal events and will be proudly displayed whilst singing the National Anthem!

No. 5: Understanding the British Paperback Book

Sorry, when I saw this book, I had to add it to the list even though it may be a bit of a squeeze to fit into a Christmas stocking. Just make sure your stocking is a stretchy one!

I just love the cover and can relate to most of the small images on the front. I’m sure it will cause a few chuckles at our expense over the holiday period.

No. 4: English Heritage Stonehenge Puzzle

Stonehenge is probably England’s most famous historical landmark. This beautiful 100-piece jigsaw builds into a very unusual view of the Stonehenge stone circle. I bet kids would love the challenge of this puzzle and have it completed before the adults are up and awake on Christmas Day.

No. 3: English Heritage Castle Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a lovely family card game that is easy to play anywhere. This special edition pack of Top Trump cards display historical and fun facts about England’s castles managed by English Heritage. It’s a great way to get young ones keen on English history and will make days out visiting the sites even more exciting.

No. 2: British Telephone Box Money Box

We’re getting towards the number one best stocking stuffer idea, but before we get there, I thought this British telephone money box was a lovely gift for a young child. This really does look like the one that has survived opposite our house!

Again, it may need to be a stretchy stocking, but I’m sure at 6cm x 6cm area it should fit. Surely this quintessential British icon would be loved by the recipient and help young ones to have fun learning to save their pocket money.

No. 1: England Travel Guide by Rick Steves

This years ultimate number one stocking stuffer idea is an England Travel Guide by Rick Steves. Again, I hope your stockings are of a stretchy nature, but this great guide will help any traveller make the most of the time when they visit England. This is a must for any England fan who's planning a trip around our wonderful country.

I'll be adding more stocking fillers as I find them, so please keep checking back for more ideas.

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