Knitted Christmas Stockings

In times gone by, knitted Christmas stockings were a thrifty way for children to show of their knitting skills while producing something that had a purpose around the house.

And even today, sales of felt Christmas stocking kits and patterns to embroider handmade Christmas stockings are very popular, showing that such task still give us pleasure.

Still, not everybody is a dab hand with the needles, or has the time and inclination to knit, embroider or felt.

For those of us, these knitted stockings are a real blessing. They're chunky, wollen, lovingly made in traditional Christmas colours and designs and simply scream Christmas past!

Oh, and by the way, they look lovely hung on the mantlepiece or beside the fire, and they come in standard and jumbo sizes, just right to hold all the presents.

Beautiful Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Fair Isle Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Christmas Stockings

Personalised Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Nordic Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Nordic Knit Stockings

Hand Knitted Christmas Stocking

Personalised Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Knitted Christmas Stockings

Traditional Log Cabin Hand Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalised Hand-Knitted SANTA CLAUS Christmas Stocking

Personalised Hand-Knit Christmas Stocking

And don't forget mans best friend...

Personalised Christmas Bone
Shaped Knitted Stockings

Christmas is not just about family and friends. Your pets can enjoy Christmas to. How about this lovely boned shaped stocking to hide some of your best friends treats in. I’m sure they’re also love the excitement of receiving something on Christmas day…

As you can see, my selection includes some very traditional Christmas stocking designs. Using traditional colours, they tell the Christmas story through its major participants. Other designs are more focussed on the season itself - featuring snowflakes, snowmen and snow in general - while my other choices are seasonal in a fun sort of way with Santa and reindeer playing a part.

And there you have it: knitted Christmas stockings in traditional colours and designs that look as good as they'll be useful come Christmas morning. I'll be adding others as I find them, so please keep checking back even if you haven't yet found what you're looking for.

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