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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a dedicated fan of any author must be in want of suitable props! That's never been more true than in the case of the fans of Jane Austen. That's why we've assembled this collection of gifts for Jane Austen fans. We're here to help you navigate the treasure trove of Jane Austen memorabilia that can make a fine gift for any lover of Austen's stories. All you have to do is treat yourself or the Austen fan in your life!

For those seeking a truly grand present, a Jane Austen book box set will not disappoint. A beautifully crafted collection of Austen's timeless novels is the epitome of Jane Austen gifts. Such a set often has high-quality prints of her books in beautifully designed covers, bound to be treasured by any fan.

Jane Austen - The Complete Works

Jane Austen Complete Collection Box Set

The Jane Austen Collection

or if you want to see all of Jane Austen's books on Amazon use this link.

Gifts for Jane Austen Fans

Once you have the books, you'll be wanting to read them in comfort! So why not offer the Austen lover in your life a gift that addresses their love for literature and a penchant for a good, comforting brew. You’ve guessed it - Jane Austen inspired tea gift boxes. Enjoy handcrafted tea blends inspired by Jane Austen's books and find yourself transported into the intricate world of Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Woodhouse.

Wouldn't tea be that much better with a matching teapot? Novelty teapots inspired by Jane Austen's books are all the rage among England gifts and a quirky and amusing gift for anyone with a cheeky sense of humour.

And what is a steaming cup of tea without a Jane Austen mug to complete the picture? Here's to a subtle way of announcing your love for the classics every time you take a sip.

Pride & Prejudice Inspired Afternoon Tea

Pride and Prejudice Mug 

Jane Austen Book Teapot

Jane Austen Gifts: Jewellery & Accessories

Many Austen fans love jewellery and accessories inspired by her books. Iconic quotes etched on a delicate charm, earrings bearing the covers of her books, or a pendant inspired by famous symbols from the novels, these make thoughful, heartfelt gifts for Jane Austen fans.  And which fan of Pride & Prejudice wouldn't be delighted by having Mr Darcy's letter to Elizabeth close by to read whenever the mood took them?

Darcy's Letter to Elizabeth Shawl Scarf Wrap

Jane Austen Antique Brass Book Locket Necklace

Jane Austen Bracelet

Jane Austen Book Earrings

Pride and Prejudice Necklace

Jane Austen Watch

Gifts for Jane Austen Fans: Bookish Gifts

If you're looking for a Jane Austen gift that's not just pretty but also practical, then turn check out our "bookish gifts". Notebooks go never out style, and are as useful as they're pretty. Another charming and practical choice for any Austen enthusiast, Jane Austen themed bookbags are not only functional but also a delightful style statement. As for bookmarks... can one ever have too many?

Pride and Prejudice Bookmark

Pride and Prejudice Book Bag

Jane Austen Gifts: Accessories

Candles make wonderful gifts and Jane Austen-inspired candles are no exception. Light one of these candles, and let the scent transport you straight to the English countryside, the lavish balls of Bath, and the peaceful abodes of Austen’s characters.

Take your gift giving a step further and add Austen-themed wrapping paper. This set is perfect to wrap any gift for Jane Austen fans, adding a charming literary touch to any present.

And if an unusual piece of home decor is your heart's desire, then why not choose an Art film poster inspired by Jane Austen's novels?

Jane Austen Scented Candle

Jane Austen Scarf Shawl Wrap

Jane Austen Wrapping Paper Set

Pride And Prejudice Movie Art Film Poster

Pride and Prejudice Text Socks

Mr. Dacy and Elizabeth Bennet Busts

Jane Austen and her books are so universally beloved, that it's easy to find gifts for Jane Austen fans. Seeing that gifting is not about the price tag, but about the thought and sentiment that accompany the gift, what better way to convey those than through a Jane Austen inspired gift?

Select a unique item from this list, and you're sharing the experience of Jane Austen's imaginative world. So why wait? Begin your search for the perfect gift for Jane Austen fans today!

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