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The Golden Hind and the dread pirate Sir Francis Drake

The Golden Hind: the ship that Sir Francis Drake sailed round the world and brought back to England laden with pirate treasure is now moored in Brixham harbour. (A replica of it, anyway.)

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Greenway: Agatha Christie's Holiday Home

Greenway, Agatha Christie's holiday home is a must-see for all fans of the 'queen of crime'.

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Brentor and Brentor Church

Brentor and Brentor Church - a wonderful day out on your Dartmoor holidays

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Dartmoor Pony: Living on Dartmoor since the Middle Ages

The Dartmoor Pony: Living on Dartmoor since the Middle Ages

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Burgh Island: An Art Deco Gem Just off the Devon Coast

Burgh Island's famous Art Deco hotel has been a haunt of celebrities since it was built, but you can just as easily spot them sitting on the beach.

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Devon: The Glorious County

Beloved of poets and holidaymakers alike, Devon is warm (for England), friendly, inviting and as spectacular inland as along its famous coast.

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Luxury Hotels in England: Boutique Hotels

Luxury hotels in England: if small, classy and hip are to your taste, then check out this selection of boutique hotels

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Luxury Hotels in England

Luxury Hotels in England: where to stay on your holidays in England

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Castle Hotels in England

Castle hotels in England: If you ever wanted to stay in an English castle, here's your chance. Check out England's finest luxury castle hotels.

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Lavenham: Suffolk's Medieval Town

Lavenham: a perfectly preserved medieval boom to bust wool town for a perfect day out.

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A Roast Goose Recipe fit for the Christmas Table

Roast goose was once England's favourite festive dish and each cook would have a roast goose recipe in her repertoire. Here's ours.

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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Lovers of English Food

From English mustard to stilton and sticky toffee pudding - these are Essentially England's Top Ten Christmas gifts for lovers of English food.

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Christmas Food Essentials

There's food, and there's Christmas food. Here's your survival guide to the things most of us only buy once a year.

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England Travel: When to Visit

England Travel Tips: When to Visit looks at weather, visitor numbers and public holidays in England.

Continue reading "England Travel: When to Visit"

Shropshire Hotels

Shropshire is a great place for a shortbreak or longer stay and shropshire hotels come in all shapes and sizes.

Continue reading "Shropshire Hotels"

Getting Around England

Getting around England couldn't be simpler - just choose your mode of transport.

Continue reading "Getting Around England"

England Travel: Arriving in England

England Travel Tips: Planes, Trains and Boats - there are numerous ways to arrive in England.

Continue reading "England Travel: Arriving in England"

Train Travel in England

Train travel in England - explore England's most beautiful sceneries on rails.

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Facts about England

Need some facts about England? From time to weather, landscape to industry - here they are!

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England Travel Basics

England Travel Basics: Visas, passports, pets and phones - what every traveller to England should know.

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Crime in England

Crime in England is low, and taking these simple precautions will help you stay safe during your trip.

Continue reading "Crime in England"

England Travel Health Advice

England Travel Health Advice: From health insurance to vaccinations and sun protection.

Continue reading "England Travel Health Advice"

England Customs Information

England customs information: what you may or may not bring into the country.

Continue reading "England Customs Information"

The Weather in England

The English always love to talk about the weather in England. Find out why.

Continue reading "The Weather in England"

What's the Time in England?

If you want to know what's the time in England, how long British Summer Time lasts or what time it is in Timbuktu when it's 1pm in London, then you've come to the right page.

Continue reading "What's the Time in England?"