Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Whether you call them stocking stuffers or stocking fillers matters little. What matters is that these are little gifts and surprises lurking deep in the recesses of your loved one's Christmas stocking, designed to bring a little extra joy to the festivities.

So, what makes a good stocking filler?

There's no need for it to be expensive, but it should entertain, bring pleasure to the senses or be of use to the recipient. For ladies, stocking stuffer ideas could include a finely crafted compact, charming or unusual jewelry, miniature scents, a notebook in an unusual cover, a scarf, gloves or top-quality miniature chocolates. For gentlemen, the market for innovative gadgets such as tiny toolsets, flashlights, mobile phone covers or add-ons has extended beyond measure.

Books, music or films always make good stocking stuffers. Other good stocking stuffer ideas include spices, herbs or unusual kitchen tools for those who make their home in the kitchen. Vouchers for days out never go amiss. And for children, the scope is simply endless with mechano, toy cars, dolls, puzzles or games all very much in vogue.

Below are some of my current favourites.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas |

The BBC Holiday Gift Set

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Lucky Sixpence Cufflinks |

Lucky Sixpence Cufflinks

England Mug |

England Coffee Mug

There is nothing nicer over the holidays than to curl up in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of something nice and watch classic English comedy. As all England lovers know, it has a style and flavour all its own. So why not add a bit of English cheer to your Christmas this year?

And if you're up to playing games after all that food, then having the help of a wise owl will be  good thing. Or you could just keep hold of a sixpence, for luck.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Socks and Gin |

Socks.. but not as you know them!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Owl Mug |

Great British Knobs

Top Ten Christmas Gifts for English food lovers |

Whisky Stones

The next three of my stocking stuffer ideas are... a little out there, maybe. Socks with a tasty addition, a hefty mouthful of humbug without any Bah, the ultimat addition for your wee dram.  This is what stocking fillers are really all about. Little items to make you smile...

I'll be adding more stocking fillers as I find them, so please keep checking back for more ideas.

For more Christmas, recipes, ideas and traditions, please check out our Christmas in England page.

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