Brussels Sprouts Recipes
Sprouts in Creamy Mustard Sauce

I love sprouts and have a ton of recipes and ideas of how to prepare them. Some are traditional, while others are not. Some make a lovely, earthy side dish, others produce something almost elegant. This is a recipe that creates comfort food of a surpremely high order. When the world is against me in the middle of winter, this is where I go.

Like most of my Brussels sprouts recipes, making creamy mustard sprouts takes comparatively little time (if you discount peeling the sprouts.) You can, of course, buy ready peeled sprouts. For this recipes, you could also use frozen sprouts and cook them straight from frozen. There's no need to defrost them first and, in this dish, it doesn't matter that they tend to disintegrate a little on cooking.

To turn this into a wonderfully soothing supper you need sprouts, mustard, sour cream or creme fraiche - and a mountain of fluffy mashed potato. A pork chop or your favourite pork sausages won't go amiss, but I have to admit that I can easily do without. But adding chops or proper pork sausages turns this into a dinner to impress the whole family with.

Brussels Sprout Plants © Alan_Lagadu | Getty Images canva.comBrussels Sprout Plants © Alan_Lagadu | Getty Images


I never really weigh or measure vegetables when I cook - unless I'm doing something supremely fancy. But since you may want some sort of measure, here's an approximation of what I'd use:

  • 500g peeled sprouts, cut in half (or into quarters if the sprouts are very large)
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil or a walnut-sized knob of lard
  • a splash (about 2-3 tbsp) of water or white wine
  • 150ml (or a small pot) of soured cream or creme fraiche
  • 1-2 tsp of your favourite mustard


You want to cut your peeled sprouts in half for this recipe. I'm not precisely sure why, but it works better this way. If your sprouts are very large, cut them in quarters.

Heat a little oil in a pan, tip in the sprouts and turn them around until they're glistening and bright green.

Moisten with a splash of water or white wine (only a splash!) and cook until the liquid is gone.

Now turn the heat down and tip in a small pot of sour cream or creme fraiche - about 150ml or so - and a heaped teaspoon of your favourite mustard. Mine's a grainy dijon. If you like hot English mustard, use a little less or taste your way to the right bite.

Simmer until the sprouts are cooked (5-7mins or so) and have the mash, chops or sausages ready to serve alongside.

Brussels Sprouts with Mustard and Parmesan Cheese © Serenethos | Getty Images canva.comBrussels Sprouts with Mustard and Parmesan Cheese © Serenethos | Getty Images

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