Things to do in England

If you love history, traditional food and the slightly unusual, then here's your passport to some truly wonderful things to do in England.

I review lots of historical events, of course, plus anything vaguely related to food and drink.

But there's something for the Royalists, too. And those of us who like it a bit wackier are not left out, either.

None of these things to do in England are strictly tourist attractions - even though we have those, too - but they tend to draw (sometimes vast) crowds. Onlookers as well as people happy to join into the spirit of the thing.

That's because they are events to celebrate England, her history, her products, traditions and customs, to show off almost forgotten skills and have fun doing so!


Royal Days Out

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Royalist, you'll want to check out England's biggest Royal crowd pleasers such as:

Discover History

In this section you can find ideas for days out with a historical twist. Look out for festivals, re-enactments or wonderful spectacles of a truly historical bend!

  • Experience Stonehenge as you've never seen it before: up close and personal
  • Learn about the last great battle of the Wars of the Roses at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
  • Celebrate St George's Day!
  • Explore Tower Bridge, one of London's most famous landmarks.
  • Join crowds of enthusiasts cheer automotive classics at the London to Brighton veteran car rally
  • Fancy yourself a pirate and explore Sir Francis Drake's ship, The Golden Hind.
  • London has many famous historical buildings - and not all of them are museums. Why not spend a very enjoyable day exploring one of the capital's historic pubs? Stories of smugglers and highwaymen will lend a flavour to the ale, I promise...

Try Something Unusual

Here you can find ideas for some truly unusual things to do in England. Just get ready to do something you've never done before.

Watch Some Sports

There are some sports you can enjoy and cheer for whether you know anything about them or not. Most of those make excellent days out... such as:

Visit a County or Village Show

Have yourself a proper English summer afternoon watching the competition for the reddest tomato or longest runner bean.

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