England Holidays
Tours and Ideas for the Trip of a Lifetime

Do you go on your holidays with a clear idea what to see and what to do? Or do you freewheel your way about, chancing upon views and attractions as they pass?

Whichever way you do it, you should find something useful on this section of the site, which offers ideas for your England holidays, for short and long tours, cruises, walks and themed vacations.

As always at Essentially England history, historical sites, food and the unusual feature heavily, with history tours, food trails and traditional festivals all covered.

But we're also planning to go exploring ourselves and open a few doors that have remained closed to us so far. Read on and find out what they are ...

Escorted Holidays

Why not relax and explore England and our close neighbours within the United Kingdom and Ireland on an escorted tour. All your hotels are booked for you, all your travel arrangements are made for you, you don’t have to drive on the wrong side of the road, and your have an expert tour guide to pass on interesting facts and stories. It could be a very relaxing way to discover our culture, food, and landscapes.


Escorted Days Out from London

Enhance your stay in London with an escorted tour to some of the best sites in England. There is a wide choice to choose from and your day out is sure to be exciting.


Driving Tours and Road Trips

Driving Tours are great for history lovers. You can explore a period in history by following its trails across the county, checking out sites, sounds and tastes as you go. Or you can simply meander along, soaking up beautiful scenery and enjoying the best our villages and market towns have to offer.


Gardens and Parks

Some of the aspects of England are unique: its grand and glorious landscape gardens for example. And they are a joy to explore, whether you love rhododendrons and camellias, wonderfully gnarly old trees or outstanding autumn colours.

Explore England's landscape gardens...

Cycling Tours

Cycling is a lovely way to see a country, a great way to explore at your leisure. There are many sites (and sights) you would simply miss when you're not on a bike. In addition, the peace you get from cycling the lanes is worth the effort any time.

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Walking Tours

Walking and hiking are popular pastimes in England, whether as a short weekend afternoon out or a cross-country trek lasting a whole holiday. England has long-distance footpaths, and more walking books you can cram into a large bookshelf. Here I'll be featuring some of these.


River and Canal Tours

Rivers and canals have been England's lifeblood for centuries. And taking a boat out is still a wonderful way to spend some of your England holidays. So in this section I'll hope to help you explore England's canals and waterways at a more leisurely pace.

Read about Boating in England..


Specialist and Quirky Tours

Adding a theme to your England holidays can make a real difference. You could be exploring film locations, follow in the footprints of famous or entirely fictional characters, track your ancestors or hunt ghosts. There are plenty of unusual England holidays out there to whet your appetite in our wonderful country.


So, here are a few ideas for your England holidays already. Over the months, we'll be adding more. Check back regularly for news or bookmark this page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where I'm sure to mention new tours.

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