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Travelling England is a joy. The country offers everything from history to landscape to culture to outdoor sports, along with great hotels and wonderful food. To help you plan your trip, I've put together this selection of basic travel information, travel tips and a few useful links.

Taken together they'll help you choose the right time to visit, help you decide how to get around the country or where to stay.

The rest of the site will help you choose what to see and what to eat.

If you know what you're looking for or only want to refresh your memory, then jump right to the travel tips section you require by clicking on the links below. If you've never been to England before, then maybe reading a few more pages might be helpful!

Facts about England

In this section I have collected information that you may or may not know about our wonderful country. You can find out about locations, weather, cities, time zones and daylight saving time, landscape and industry and decide when it is the best time to visit England.

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England Travel Basics

There's some England travel information that always comes in handy - and the England travel basics section covers most of that information.

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Arriving in England and Getting Around

This section is unashamedly about the mechanics of travel and all the fun and games you can have with it. Here you can find out about English ports and airports, international trains and domestic train travel, coaches, buses, taxis and cheap flights to England.

Where to Stay

This section covers your accommodation options in England from budget hotels to guest houses and 5* luxury. And don't forget the great selection of holiday cottages available in England!  Read all about it here...

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