Caravan Holiday Parks in England

Believe it or not, but the United Kingdom has more than half a million touring caravans and is one of the largest caravan markets in Europe. So, it’s no wonder why there are so many caravan holiday parks in England!

I would think that most families have tried a caravan holiday, and I certainly remember our childhood trips down to the south coast to stay in a caravan. I can see the appeal, you get the escape and closeness to nature like camping, but you have a sturdier frame around you and a more comfortable living space. A mobile caravan also makes a great way to tour the country.

That said, one of my major concerns is the worry of towing a caravan. I’ve no experience but having seen some caravans swerving behind the towing car and others laying on their side in the road, I wonder how easy it is. Oh, and then there is reversing. I don’t think I would have a chance there!

A motorhome might be the answer, but then you must pack up each day when you want to go out somewhere. Plus, motorhomes tend to be wider than a car, which adds to the difficulty of reaching sites where the roads are particularly narrow. Especially since there are plenty of these in England, and they tend to be in areas which we particularly wish to explore.

Fortunately, there are static caravans for those of us who love caravanning while dreading the towing.

Not moving continuously, static caravans are larger, have even greater comfort, and are connected to all the facilities you require. You get to drive to your caravan without the stress of towing and can go out sightseeing without packing up each day. And, as a bonus, if you stay at one of the many caravan holiday parks in England, there will be on-site activities, swimming pools, eateries, and entertainment. Meaning, that if the good old English weather lets you down, and you don’t fancy going out, there should be plenty to keep you amused!

Haven Caravan Holiday Parks in England

Haven Holidays has 33 caravan holiday parks in England, and they are all located around our wonderful coastline. You get to pick from some fantastic holiday parks in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Lancashire, and the Lake District. Not only will you be staying in a beautiful coastal location, but there's plenty to do and explore away from the caravan park.

If you want to explore more of Great Britain, then Haven also has sites in Scotland and Wales. What a great way to have a cosy short break or family holiday next to the seaside. Just remember to pack your cossie and bucket and spade!

All the caravans are fully furnished to a high standard - including dog-friendly and wheelchair adapted caravans - and come in different layouts and levels of comfort to suit all budgets.

Glamping by the Seaside

For those wanting to get even closer to nature, how about glamping just a stone's throw from the beach? (With all the amenities of the holiday park close at hand.) The type of glamping accommodation varies from site to site, but includes Safari Tents, Yurts, Geo Domes, Supertents, and Pods. The level of equipment depends on the site, and some even have TV’s. Sounds like a great way for a young family to escape and have happy adventures outdoors!

Lodges and Chalets

It appears that Haven has everyone’s holiday covered. If caravanning and glamping are a touch "too outdoorsy", then maybe an apartment or chalet can offer the home comforts for your relaxing holiday. These more substantial holiday homes can be found at some holiday parks and are still just a few minutes away from the sea, activities, and entertainment.

Camping and Touring Caravans

Those who have their own tents, touring caravan, or motorhome and prefer to have all the convenience of a beautiful beach location with the activities and entertainment of a holiday park can also book pitches at some Haven sites. The pitches can have facilities including wastewater disposal, drinking water connection, electric hook-up, TV connection, and space for awnings.

Camping and caravanning offer a fresh, outdoorsy way to holiday and discover England. Staying at a holiday park offers the advantage of organised activities, entertainment, and a sandy beach all close by. With all this on your doorstep, I hope you manage to get away from site for a few hours to explore the surrounding countryside, historic buildings, and towns and villages. What an adventure that would be!

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