Days out in England
Discover 6000 Years of History

If history's your thing, then England is the right place to come to. We have over 6000 years of it - very much alive and kicking in some places! And if nothing else, all that history makes for some wonderful days out in England.

Living history is becoming more and more popular amongst children and adults alike and throughout the year you can not just visit some amazing historical monuments.

Very often you can also watch people try their hand at living like their forebears cold, damp and scratchy clothing notwithstanding.

And it matters little if your favourite historical period is Roman, Medieval, Tudor, Regency or Victorian ... we love to dress up and try them out!

Roman History

If you want to know what life in Roman England was like, then plan in a visit to one of the many Roman sites in England, like Chedworth Roman villa, Bath's amazing Roman monuments or Norfolk's Iceni village, when the re-enactors are in residence. Some truly amazing days out in England are to be had there.

You can watch Roman soldiers drill or repair their armour, shudder at the rough and ready methods of the local doctor and taste the food in a real Roman taverna.

Anglo-Saxon History

After the Romans left, England fell into disrepair for some centuries, but once the Anglo-Saxons arrived matters began to look up. They settled, turned to Christianity and finally developed the most advanced monarchy in Europe.

They were also wonderfully skilled craftsmen as you may see if you visit the excavations at Sutton Hoo.

But their very success made them the envy of their neighbour and we all know what happened next. And if you don't, then make your way to Battle Abbey on October 14th each year and watch a replay of that momentous fight. Or celebrate King Harold Day in his burial place in Waltham Abbey, practising archery and watching the construction of the Bayeux tapestry.

Medieval History

Once the Normans had taken over England, they developed a passion for bureaucracy, writing down what was happening in England and what they were doing with themselves.

This is excellent information for history lovers looking for exiting days out in England! And so medieval festivals are never short on the ground. The largest in Europe takes place every summer in Tewkesbury on the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the War of the Roses.

Warwick Castle and Hampton Court Palace both put on famous tournaments with jousts, siege engines and traditional food. And medieval Christmas celebrations are to be had across the country from Battle Abbey to York Minster.

Cromwell, the New Model Army and England's bloody Civil War are also well represented on the festival stage. Try Worcester or Corfe castle for a glimpse behind the curtain of these rather gory events.

If you'd rather follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood, check out the archers at Goodrich Castle, who cannot just fire out of an arrow loop, but also into one - which is quite a feat.

And if you love pirates, then why not see how Sir Francis Drake, one of the most successful of English freebooters, actually lived, by exploring his flagship, The Golden Hind? You'll be surprised how uncomfortable it must have been.

Regency and Victorian History

If you've ever sighed over the excellent set of Mr Darcy's coat or chuckled over Charles Dickens' villains, then England is definitely the destination for you.

For some excellent days out in England you can explore the houses used in the most recent TV or cinema adaptations, wander through the Regency splendour of Bath or Brighton or burn your fingers on roasted chestnuts at a Victorian Christmas market.

You could study the less savoury side of Victorian London on the Jack the Ripper trail, of course ... or admire the crown George IV wore at his coronation in the jewel house in the Tower of London.

Modern History

And if your taste is for more modern history, we have that as well. Just plan in a visit to the Cabinet War rooms, where Churchill planned, or Slapton Sands, where British and American soldiers trained for the D-Day landings. Or visit Dover Castle, which began life as a prehistoric hill fort and ended it as a huge underground bunker where hundreds of people lived and worked!

English history is fun to discover and there's so much of it, you'll never run out of wonderful things to do and see.

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