Royal Weddings
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

When Prince Charles, the heir to the English throne, married Lady Diana Spencer, the event even made it onto the news in East Germany. It was the first 'Royal event' I ever saw and all the pomp and circumstance made for a truly wonderful spectacle. Especially for someone who'd grown up entirely without royalty and the attendant ceremonials.

Anyone who watched that day will remember the golden coach, London's famous St. Paul's Cathedral, the fairytale dress with its endless train, the little pages, the crowds of wellwishers and - of course - the famous kiss on the balcony with half the world watching and cheering the newly-weds.

The wedding took place on July 29th, 1981 and even the notoriously unreliable British weather played ball.

Lady Diana Spencer arrived at London's Saint Paul's cathedral with her father, Earl Spencer, in a traditional, horse-drawn carriage. The groom was resplendent in full dress uniform and the bride wore a voluminous dress of what looks like crushed silk. A glittering tiara held her veil.

And even though we all know that this royal fairytale did not have a fairytale ending, the wedding was a truly grand, spectacular affair, still giving many people a great deal of pleasure when they watch it.

There's simply no doubt about it: nobody does pageantry or Royal weddings better than the English monarchy!

YouTube is full of videos of what used to be called the Wedding of the Century. You can watch the engagement announcement, the first interviews Prince Charles and Lady Diana gave together, and numerous news items about the wedding preparations. It was a magical time - the first royal wedding in a generation, and the wedding of the heir to the English throne to boot. People all across the Commonwealth joined in and there were street parties all across the country.

Above is a video that captures the highlights of that long-ago summer day.


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