The Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities

Tucked away along the Path of Liberty as it passes through the Hawkwell Field are the Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities. The seven deities are arranged in a circle and surrounded by hedging, which makes the area feel dark and powerful. The Saxon Deities are from the Germanic mythology and called Mona, Tiw, Woden, Thunor, Friga, Seatern, and Sunna. The days of the week as we know them, have their origin in these old Germanic gods.

The original Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities were commissioned in 1727 and were sculpted from Portland stone. They were subsequently sold in the early twentieth century, but have been traced and moulds taken to makes copies. The only one missing is Thuner who has yet to be made.

The original sculptures of Sunna and Thuner are in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, while Mona and Friga are on display in the Discover Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury.

The Saxon Dieties in Stowe GardensThe Saxon Dieties in Stowe Gardens ©

Meet the Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities

I have listed the Saxon Deities as per the days of the week.

Monday, the Moon God

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - MonaStowe Saxon Deities - Mona ©

Wednesday, the King of Gods

Tuesday, the God of War and/or Sky

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - TiwStowe Saxon Deities - Tiw ©

Thursday, the God of Thunder

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - WodenStowe Saxon Deities - Woden ©

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - Thunor PlinthStowe Saxon Deities - Thunor Plinth ©

Friday, the Goddess of Marriage & Childbirth

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - FrigaStowe Saxon Deities - Friga ©

Saturday, the Muse of Sacred Poetry

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - SeaternStowe Saxon Deities - Seatern ©

Sunday, the Sun Goddess

Stowe Gardens Saxon Deities - SunnaStowe Saxon Deities - Sunna ©

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