What's the Time in England?

If you want to know what's the time in England, how long British Summer Time lasts or what time it is in Timbuktu when the time in England is 1pm, then you've come to the right page.

During the winter months, all of England is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT or UTC). This is the same time zone as Iceland or the Canary Islands.

England has observed British Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time) for many years. This means that in the spring, clocks are moved one hour forward, so that the whole country is on GMT+1hr.

In the autumn this process is reversed, returning the time to GMT.

If it is 8 am (breakfast time) in London then it is...

8 am in Reykjavik (Iceland), Dublin (Ireland), Lisbon (Portugal), Casablanca (Morocco), the Canary Islands and Madeira
9 am in Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Warsaw (Poland), West Central Africa
10 am in Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Beirut (Palestine), Cairo (Egypt), Pretoria (South Africa), Helsinki (Finland), Jerusalem (Israel), Kiev (Ukraine)
11 am in Moscow (Russia), Baghdad (Iraq), Kuwait, Nairobi (Kenya), Tbilisi (Georgia), Tehran (Iran)
12 am in Yerevan (Armenia), Kabul (Afghanistan), Abu Dhabi
1 pm in Karachi (Pakistan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), New Delhi (India)
2 pm in Almaty (Kazakstan), Dhaka (Bangladesh)
3 pm in Bangkok (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam)
4 pm in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Ulaan Bataar (Mongolia, Hong Kong, Beijing (China)
5 pm in Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan)
6 pm in Sydney (Australia)
7 pm in Magadan (Russia)
8 pm in Auckland (New Zealand), Fiji
9 pm in Samoa
10 pm in Hawaii
11 pm in Alaska
12 pm in Los Angeles, Tijuana
1 am in Arizona
2 am in Mexico City, Central America
3 am in Lima (Peru), Bogota (Columbia), New York (USA), Ottawa (Canada)
4 am in Santiago (Chile), La Paz (Bolivia), Manaus
5 am in Newfoundland (Canada), Brasilia (Brasil), Buenos Aires (Argentina, Montevideo (Uruguay), Greenland
6 am over the western Atlantic ocean
7 am in Azores, Cap Verde Islands

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