Top Ten Christmas Gifts
for Lovers of English Food

More food? I hear you groan. As if there wasn't enough of it around already during December. Don't grumble, this is special, the real deal, real classics. Food that's been around for ages. Food that has been rediscovered or re-created by people who are nuts about English food. And not just food ... there's kitchen gear, too. Eccentric, slightly loopy, but so what? It's Christmas, and here is our top ten Christmas Gifts for lovers of English food.

So if you love English food - or cooking for that matter - then you won't mind these top ten Christmas gifts with a distinctly English feel.

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Lovers of English Food

No. 10: Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Speciality Teas

Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Speciality Teas Box |

My first gift idea is an assortment of teas as we all know how much the English love drinking their tea. This selection from Taylors of Harrogate should keep you refreshed for a while!

No. 9: M&S Christmas Pudding

M&S Christmas Pudding |

Christmas pudding has always been an essential part of all the Christmas dinners I've had at home in England and so must be included in this list. When younger our family Christmas Puddings were handmade and the tradition was that everyone had to stir the mix before it was steamed. The mix also included a sixpence which was to bring luck to whoever found it in their portion of pudding.

No. 8: Tin of Quality Street Chocolates

Tin of Quality Street Chocolates |

Another part of my family Christmas was Quality Street chocolates. There was always a tin open over the Christmas period, and by the way my favorite was the purple one!

No. 7: Pie Making Experience for Two

Perhaps you need to buy a gift for an English food freak and want the gift to be rather different. Well how about a master teaching how to make traditional pork pie. There is a knack to making Pork Pie which very few people have and means I've never been offered a homemade one. This would be a unique skill and could be used to make your house parties special!

No. 6: Godminster Heart Shaped Vintage Organic Cheddar Cheese

Godminster Heart Shaped Vintage Organic Cheddar |

I remember going to the Sturminster Cheese Festival in Dorset during one tandem holiday. It is where I first came across Godminster Cheddar cheese, and still to this day I say it's the best Cheddar cheese I've tasted.

My personal opinion is that mature English Cheddar is the best cheese and rather underrated around the world. Godminster Cheddar is my favorite cheddar cheese and has to be on this list. Now, where are those crackers...

Now, an apology. I could only find this product in the UK and Godminster are not delivering worldwide. Sorry.

No. 5: English Traditional Recipes Cookery Book

English Traditional Recipes |

Do you fancy learning some English cookery recipes, or perhaps you know a budding English chef. The "English Traditional Recipes" cookery book may be a good starting place...

No. 4: Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese

Jacob's Biscuits for Cheese |

Are here they are! I just had to add some Jacob's Crackers to the list to go with the cheese. Again these crackers remind me of family Christmases when I was kid. They always appeared at tea time together with some nice cheese!

No. 3: Brown Betty Teapot

Handmade Original Brown Betty 4 Cup Teapot |

You may have already decided to get some tea as a Christmas gift, but what about adding a handmade Brown Betty Teapot. These are rather collectable and would make a nice cuppa "Rosy Lee".

No. 2: View from the Shard and Michelin Starred Dining Experience

For some special occassions we've treated ourselves to a Michelin starred dining experience and have have enjoyed the quality of food and service. So how about taking in the views from the Shard, the tallest building in London, and then going to have a lovely diner at Galvin La Chapelle. Sounds good to me! :-)

And the ultimate gift for an English food lover...

The Artisan Vegetarian

The Show Stopper

Festive Favourites

No. 1: Organic Christmas hampers from Abel & Cole

So you, or maybe friends fancy having an English tradtional Christmas. Well, there could be no better starting point than a Christmas hamper from Abel and Cole who are famous for their tasty organic food. There is a choice of organic Christmas hamper, each filled with luxury goodies should keep you fed over the Christmas period. Enjoy!

Right, that's - for the moment - my list of top ten Christmas gifts for food lovers. There's plenty more where that came from, of course, so keep checking back as I add other delicious things.

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