Top Ten Christmas Gifts
for England Lovers

England is one of the most fascinating places in the world. It has 6000 years of history, gorgeous countryside, amazing buildings and stunning cities. And above all, it's whimsical, eccentric and thoroughly charming.

Picking a present for the England lover in your life should be a doddle... but if it isn't, then you can check out our Top Ten Christmas gifts for England lovers for inspiration.

This year I have tried to create a very traditional top ten Christmas gift list that represents what Essentially England is about. The gifts chosen are meant to bring joy and laughter in the English way and include history, food, and landscape all mixed with my experience of a traditional English family Christmas.

So, let’s start the countdown…

Top Ten Christmas Gifts -

No. 10: England/Great Britain Guidebooks & England Travel Planner

England Guidebook |

Great Britain Guidebook |

England Travel Planner |

Number ten in our countdown of our top ten Christmas gifts is a set of guidebooks and an England travel planner. If you’re buying a gift for an England lover who is set on visiting our beautiful country, then this will be a great start point to help them plan their journey. I’ve always enjoyed receiving books for Christmas, and I’m sure this selection will be much appreciated.

No. 9: 1000 Piece London Bridge Jigsaw Puzzle

1000 Piece London Bridge Jigsaw Puzzle |

Christmas holidays and jigsaws seem to go together - at least, they do in our house.

We rarely do them at any other time of the year, probably because they take up so much space and can become rather addictive.

This beautiful Tower Bridge Jigsaw is really something the whole family can get involved with. The kids can do the bridge, the sky will be a challenge for the grown-ups, and the Thames and the multitude of reflections need the hand and eye of an expert like grandma.

No. 8: London Sites Tea Tin Set with Fine Leaf English Tea

London Sites Tea Tin Set with Fine English Tea |

The English are known for their love of tea. They drink approximately 100 Million cups of tea a day, and most people have their favourite brand.

And probably their favourite tea tin, as well.

Here, we've found a gift that lets you join this trend. This cute set of tea tins is based on popular London sites and holds fine leaf English tea.

A fun gift to give to a tea drinking England fan!

No. 7: Yorkshire Pudding Pan and Yorkshire Pudding Mix

Wrenbury 12 hole Yorkshire Pudding Pan |

Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding Mix |

Every time we mention Yorkshire on the Essentially England Facebook page, we always get a lively response. Yorkshire appears to be a very popular part of England!

So why not get your Yorkshire lover this Yorkshire pudding pan, and Yorkshire pudding mix so that they can enjoy one of Yorkshire’s most famous dishes wherever in the world they may be. (And you can find instructions for making your own Yorkshire puddings in the recipe section.)

No. 6: English Heritage Risk Game

English Heritage Risk |

For me, Christmas was not Christmas without a new board game.

English Heritage have created a Risk game for the battle for medieval England, challenging you to gain control of England and its royal throne.

I’m sure this historical game will entertain for hours.

No.5: Traditional Afternoon Tea at Harrods

English Tea at Harrods |

As I was compiling this top ten Christmas gifts list, it occurred to me that there was rather a trend to the treats I've been picking!

Are we all obsessed with tea? Probably not. Do we all sit here all day drinking tea? Some of us do.

But whether you like tea or not, we've convinced that a visit to England must include a "proper" English afternoon tea! It's such a wonderful treat.

So, if you're visiting London (or are looking for a gift for someone who is), then why not treat yourself or them to a traditional afternoon tea at Harrods? It will be so very English!

No.4: Portmeirion Botanic Garden Teapot

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Teapot |

Yes, we’re back to tea again!

But this fashionable little Portmeirion Botanic Garden Teapot is just so pretty! Whether you work from home and need a pick-me-up, or you have a tea lover in your life who likes to take time out in the afternoon for a proper cuppa... this teapot fits the bill.

And it complements No. #8 in our top ten Christmas gift list to perfection.

No. 3: London Bus Lego Set

London Bus Lego Set |

Lego - I loved it as a kid and amassed quite a collection over the years. It’s changed over time and is now much more advanced than the pieces we had growing up. But even back then, year after year, there was always a new Lego kit at Christmas.

So how about this lovely red double-decker London bus kit? I think it looks great, and I bet it would stand proudly on show in any room.

No. 2: Charles III: A King and His Queen

Cherles III: A King and His Queen |

2023 was an historic year as we celebrated the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. 

In this book, royal photographer captures the extraordinary life of His Royal Highness and the Royal Family. I believe this is going to be a very popular book.

No. 1: And the ultimate gift for an England lover..

Replica suit of armour |

Replica suit of armour |

Replica suit of armour |

Suit of Armour with Stand a 1/3 replica suit of armour with sword and stand. This would look stunning in a hallway, especially if your home has a gothic look. But I'm convinced it would look equally stunning beside the bookshelves in my living room. What do you think?

Right, that's - for the moment - my list of top ten Christmas gifts for England lovers. There's plenty more where that came from, of course, so keep checking back as I add other lovely English things.

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